Law of Attraction is the ability to attract in your lives the things you want, by focussing only on it. It’s one of the mysteries of this world, a concept that is so easy to read, but hard to follow or attain. I had a fascinating experience today with this theory and this blog is all about that !

Last week was very stressful for me; a death in the family, an accidental fall of my seven year old daughter, a broken car, hectic work schedule, and the regular family drama to sum it all up. It was so bad that by Saturday, I was completely worn out, low, negative and not even fully functional.

I am an avid reader of books and articles pertaining to law of attraction, mindfulness, NLP (training your brain to see positivity in life) and what not. I have also tried embracing the ideas in my life during my low points.

So Saturday midnight before sleep, I decided to apply all that I have learned/researched so far to make my Sunday better!

I woke up later than usual on the Sunday morning, without the annoying ringing of the phone alarm. As soon as I opened my eyes, I remembered to smile and say a silent prayer to the Almighty for giving me this opportunity to see this beautiful Sunday morning. Watching over my sleeping daughter, I sighed a heave of gratitude for entrusting this cutie-pie with me.

I then consciously got up, layered myself with a cozy, furry housecoat and made myself a warm cup of masala chai. While sipping this miracle drink, I made sure I did not open the laptop to read my daily quota of news, which habitually stir up emotions in me as I read the injustice and unfairness all around.

I kissed my daughter when she woke up and patiently stood by her as she completed her morning rituals. As I fed her the breakfast, I reviewed the week’s school work with her . She too was gentle and quiet and pleasantly dazed that I am not keeping a mental timer on her activities.

On Sundays, she goes to ‘bal vihar’ classes in the temple. So I got her dressed , did a new hair style on her and drove off to the temple with her. All the while in the car, I chit chatted with her about her school, friends etc. We were served lunch as prasad in the temple.

We sat on the floor side by side and was quietly finishing the temple prasad lunch. I had finished mine earlier, but instead of hurrying to keep the plates back, I continued to sit there, observing my daughter as she nibbled tiny pieces of chappati in her little mouth.

I am not sure how long we sat there for I did not check the phone for time or messages, nor did I force her to eat fast, as I usually do.

I was cut short from this present state when some one sitting opposite to me called out …

“Hello, do you have a camera?”  I looked up to see a rather old gentleman with gray hair, probably in his late 60’s or early 70’s pointing his hand at me expecting me to hand over the camera.

I was taken aback and it took me a while to respond to him. Forgetting to ask him the reason, and even forgetting where I had placed the phone in my bag, I rummaged through to grab the phone to hand it over to him. As I was trying to get to the camera feature of my phone, with my bewildered absent minded expression, the old man continued.

“You looked so peaceful sitting there looking at your daughter, I wanted to capture the moment for you.” He said smiling as he began to muse “Life goes very fast, and before you know, it would be over. Here, give me the camera, let me take a picture of this magical moment.” With a smile on my lips and a tear in my eye, I nodded my approval for the photograph.

As we posed for the photograph, sitting on the floor in the most regular looking hall, with the most routine food, dressed in the most humble unassuming clothing, I realized, this was in turn magical, this was the best moment of my life in a very long time and now at that particular juncture, I was the most peaceful and happiest person in the world.

As I thanked him with all my heart for helping me realize the meaning of life, it dawned on me that it’s our ability to enjoy and cherish the small moments in our life that makes us beautiful to the beholder’s eyes.